Get Started

The quickest way to get started with Locomotive is to create an application skeleton using lcm, the CLI included with Locomotive. Install Locomotive globally from npm to make the command available on your system.

Install Locomotive

$ npm install locomotive -g

Create an Application

Now we can create an application, using lcm create <name>. In this quick tutorial, we'll create an app named hello.

$ lcm create hello

Now we'll switch into the newly created directory containing our app and install dependencies.

$ cd hello
$ npm install

Start the Server

$ node server

Our new app is now up and running at localhost:3000!

Explore the Code

The application skeleton is simplistic, but the code it contains has helpful comments and useful tips. It is worth taking a moment to browse through the code to get a sense of how a Locomotive application is structured. Then continue reading this guide for details on how the pieces fit together.