Locomotive recognizes that the demands of modern web applications entail the use of a variety of datastores. Choosing the correct database is an important decision, and Locomotive does not impose on that choice. Locomotive is fully functional, independent of the choice of database or object mapping layer used by an application.

Model Awareness

Locomotive includes a urlFor() helper that can be used to build URLs to a controller's action. For example:

urlFor({ controller: 'animals', action: 'show', id: '123' });
// => http://www.example.com/animals/123

This helper is also model aware. It can be passed a model object, which will be introspected in order to determine the type of record and build the corresponding URL.

var animal = new Animal({ id: '123' });
// => http://www.example.com/animals/123

Out of the box, model awareness works for any model that has a unique constructor. Datastores that don't satisfy this requirement can be made model aware through the use of adapters.